About the Drill

What is the City of Orem Drill?

The drill is a chance for the City of Orem to practice its ability to communicate and respond to needs during a disaster. Preassigned block captains will signal that the “disaster” has begun by blasting a car horn or an air horn.

Orem citizens will start checking in with their block captains as quickly as they can. The block captains will then report on the status of their neighborhoods to City Officials and emergency personnel. The goal of this drill is to account for everyone in Orem, in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Is My Neighborhood Participating?

Below are the Neighborhoods of Orem (22). 

Canyon View
Cherry Hill
Geneva Heights
Orem North
Orem Park
Sharon Park
Sunset Heights East
Sunset Heights West

What Can I Do if My Neighborhood is Not Participating, but I Want to Participate with My Family?

There will be a check-in for any citizen or group of citizens that does not have the communication chain through their neighborhoods. The check-in will be at the Public Safety Building (95 East Center Street), beginning at 6:15 pm. Anyone who would like to check-in can go there, where they will meet with volunteers who will count them. 
Please pass this information on to your lists of people if possible.

How Can I Be More Prepared for a Disaster?

Individual and family preparedness is vitally important during a disaster. The following four activities will help you and your family get prepared for a disaster:

  • Learn about the hazards that we face in Orem.
  • Make a plan for reunification after a disaster.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit.
  • Get involved in your community by volunteering for your favorite disaster response organization, taking a CERT class or helping your neighborhood by volunteering to be a Block Captain.

For more information on preparedness tips, resources, and ideas visit the Be Ready Utah website at www.bereadyutah.gov. This website provides in-depth information and suggestions about how to keep your family and home safe.