Communications, Forms, and Publicity


  • Runners are assigned and used between every point of information collection.
  • Runners must always go in pairs for safety.
  • Runners can use any type of transportation that is available to them including: bicycles, motorcycles, horses, scooters, cars…use your imagination and get to where you need to be​.

Please follow these instructions during an emergency situation to best facilitate the help and care people need and to keep communications level-headed and organized during chaotic moments. The City of Orem will activate the City Net during a crisis, and licensed ham radio operators are expected to follow the standard protocols, as outlined below.

​​During the Net, Orem City will listen for check-ins and status reports primarily from two sources: 1) stations specifically designated by Orem Areas to report status and condition, and 2) any station holding a valid ham radio license and who wish to check-in or practice their radio communication skills. This allows them to accommodate those who might become isolated from others with specific assignments.

Tune your radio to one of the City frequencies, as follows:
​Orem City 145.770 MHz simplex

NW Orem: 145.510 MHz simplex SW Orem: 146.560 MHz simplex NE Orem: 147.520 MHz simplex SE Orem: 147.560 MHz simplex
​Aspen Area Cherry Hill Area ​Canyon View Area Hillcrest Area
Geneva Heights Area Lakeview Area Cascade Area Lakeridge Area
Orem North Area Orem Park Area Heatheridge Area Orem Area
Sharon Park Area Sunset Heights East Area Northridge Area Sharon Area
Suncrest Area Sunset Heights West Area Orchard Area Stonewood Area
Timpview Area​ Windsor Area​​

1. Listen for any instructions or announcements; do not interrupt any communication in progress.

2. If the Net is in progress, check-in or report your status when asked to do so.  If you hear nothing, re-check your settings and feel free to transmit “Net Control, this is <call sign>”.  Follow any instructions given to you by Net Control.

Remember: you are a facilitator, not a decision-maker unless you’re alone. Your job is to exactly communicate the needs and status of those who are directing your communications, not to make decisions regarding people, needs, and supplies.

Jane Doe: (Turns on her radio, turns to the simplex frequency, listens for a few seconds, hears nothing)”Net Control, this is <call sign>”.
Jane Doe: (Still hears nothing, pauses for 30 seconds) “Net Control, this is <call sign>”.
Orem City: “This is <call sign> at Orem City controlling.  This is an emergency (or drill). Please stay on frequency until released by Net Control.  Blah, blah, blah.  If you have a status to report, please check-in now.”
Jane Doe: “This is <call sign phonetically>” (Important to say “This is”, and important to say your call sign phonetically)
Orem City: “Go ahead”
Jane Doe: “This is <call sign> reporting status from the <name> Area. We have seven of nine Neighborhoods reporting, with thirteen injured.”
Orem City: “Which Area is that again?”
Jane Doe: “<name> Area.”
Orem City: “How many injured?”
Jane Doe: “Thirteen.”
Orem City: “Copy.  Have police and medical help been requested?”
Jane Doe: “Police, no.  Medical yes.”
Orem City: “Copy.  What’s your approximate location?”
Jane Doe: “1450 North 800 West, Orem.”
Orem City: “Copy.  Please stand by.”


Net Control will then take further action or move on to the next station checking in. Notice the amount of redundant information being requested. Please do as Net Control asks, as many times as you are asked. It does a lot of good to practice patience at times like this.

If you have any questions or concerns (that we have omitted something, for example), please feel free to email ( or call/text (801-368-1865) Noji Ratzlaff. There will always be numerous exceptions to this general protocol, especially during an actual emergency, so please be patient and flexible.



Yard signs will be available for pickup at the Leadership Training on August 31st. Please place yard signs in visible locations starting on Friday, September 10th and remove the signs by Friday, September 17th. Once you have removed the signs, please bring them back to the Public Safety Building (95 East Center Street) as soon as possible.

Yard Sign Instruction Sheet